What does a CX Director with insight6 actually do?

If you read my last email, hopefully you will have a good idea about whether or not you are the kind of person who can find success with an insight6 franchise. (If you missed that email, just ask and I’d be happy to forward it to you.)

The next step is understanding exactly what the role entails. If you answered “yes” to all the questions I asked, chances are you already know a great deal about the importance of customer experience (CX). You’ll see a lot of different approaches out there but, as a franchise who has already helped thousands of UK business, insight6 has a market-leading perspective on how to deliver for their clients.

For you as a franchisee, that means you are tapping into a wealth of expertise and experience to offer something truly unique and transformative. This is done through delivery of 6 key services. You can read more about them on their franchise website here: What we do, or see them from a client’s perspective over on their main site: insight6 solutions.

So, how exactly will these services be delivered by you as a franchise owner?

One of the biggest strengths of the insight6 franchise is how it helps you play to yours. You will, of course, be encouraged to deliver most that fall under your expertise yourself following training in the insight6 methods, but you will also be able to call upon any or all of their pool of experts.

Mentoring & Coaching

You will work closely with key team members in a business to help them develop their skills and behaviour to improve CX. This will make excellent use of your particular skills and experience, and franchisees can draw on their backgrounds in a whole variety of industries.

CX Training & Development

Delivering inspiring and motivational training and workshops based on insights and feedback gained. If the necessary training fails within your expertise, you will be encouraged to lead this, but will also have access to a wide range of specialists in every field.

Focus & Listening Groups

Your leadership and communication skills will really come into play here as you facilitate groups of customers and/or team members to gain the invaluable insights you need to develop a result-driven strategy to improve CX.

Customer Journey Mapping

This is one of the most essential effective services which focuses on every single touchpoint of a customer’s experience from beginning to end. As such, it is likely to require a number of specialist skills that the network can share with you, although you will always be the project lead and main point of contact for your client.

Online Feedback

insight6’s specialist tools and systems allow clients to monitor customer feedback in real time. While these tools are already in place and ready to use, your role as CX Director will be to act as a local expert who understands how to support clients in getting the right survey to the right customer base, and helping them act on the results.

Mystery Shopping

As the key service which started it all for insight6, you will be supplied with a fully-trained mystery shopping team to call upon wherever and whenever you need it. As above, your role will be to facilitate an appropriate and effective programme as your client’s local expert, and help them use the results to inform a CX development plan.

Sound like the kind of career you could get your teeth into?

We’ll be following up soon with more information about how a typical day for a CX Director works, but if this kind of role sounds like exactly the kind of one you’ve been looking for, then we would very much like to hear from you.

I’m always more than happy to discuss your career goals and how an insight6 franchise might fit into your plans for the future.

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