Franchise Opportunity

Businesses that have Customer Experience at the centre of their decision-making processes are the most successful. Those that only focus on product and price are being left behind.

Our partners service a huge and diverse range of clientele, but you can see a general breakdown below:

60% Professional Services

Legal, Education, Accountancy, Optical and Care

25% Groups and Chains

Well-known, large chains who operate multiple sites

15% Family-run businesses
owned and run over multiple generations, such as pubs, garden centres and attractions

Our existing Customer Experience Directors (CXDs) currently look after more than 600 UK clients. In 2023, we are forecasting a turnover of £2.3m, and we are well on our way to achieving our longer-term goal of £5m turnover by 2025.

As you will see from the above figures, the professional services market has long since overtaken more traditional “mystery shopping” markets in the retail sector, and this is a rise which has steadily picked up even more speed since the pandemic as CX becomes the number one focus for every manner of business. Brands such as Apple and Amazon have completely transformed the CX landscape, and many more business are now seeking help to make their offerings more competitive.

However, the effects of COVID in terms of changing how people both work, shop and interact with companies has meant that the CX of many businesses has become disrupted and disjointed. There is an urgent need for brands to integrate with this change in culture and, as a result, many businesses are now allocating double, or even triple, the amount of resources to CX than before the pandemic.

CX is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to thrive in today’s competitive market, and UK businesses are crying out for those with the expertise to help them deliver it. For you, this represents an unprecedented opportunity to use your skills and expertise to grow your own highly successful CX business with the backing of our proven business model and infrastructure.

The insight6 franchise is the UK’s only CX franchise which can offer you a secure route into to becoming a CX Specialist in your area and tapping into this highly rewarding market.

I purchased my region from an existing Director and within two years we were turning over four times the volume of work. Joining insight6 has been life-changing for my family and myself.

Paul Matthews

CX Director, Sussex