Ongoing Costs & Earnings

Ongoing Costs

The insight6 franchise is quite unique in that there is not a single fixed percentage to pay as an ongoing cost. Rather, they employ a hybrid model which includes both a fixed fee and a marginal percentage based on turnover.

For example, well-established franchises with a strong turnover will obviously pay more, whereas new franchises in territories which are still developing may have their fee waived entirely for the first 12 months. insight6 is very supportive of new franchisees and territories and recognises the importance of taking time to build a customer base, and can be very flexible when it comes to helping you develop your new business.

We will, of course, be upfront with you about how we see your territory progressing and will share with you any financial projections we make as part of your business plan.

Earning Potential

Exactly how much you can expect to earn from your franchise can vary a great deal, of course, depending on a variety of factors such as location and the local market.

However, based upon experience to date, a franchisee could be making a six figure income from year 3. Some of our top performing regions are already turning over between £200k – £300k per annum, with approximately profits of around 65%.

We would be happy to share more detailed financial modelling with you as part of the due diligence and investigation procedures that form part of our recruitment process.