Who we’re looking for

Just as every business we work with is different, so does every CX Director bring their own unique blend of skills and experience to our team. We greatly welcome this diversity and believe every new partner makes us stronger as a whole.

However, we are looking for partners who have:

A passion for CX

First and foremost, you need to be someone who really “gets” what CX is all about, and why it is so important for modern businesses. You should be ready to become a champion for CX and commit to helping raise standards for businesses in your region by following insight6’s guidelines and values.

A strong business development background

You should have experience working in senior management roles and a proven track record of leadership and creating business success. You need to be confident in addressing an audience and have training experience, as well as experience in managing the day to day performance of a fast-paced business.

The right kind of skill set

You need to have the ability to look at problems from every angle and provide creative and innovative customer service solutions for your clients. You will need the skills to negotiate long-term contracts and ensure clients receive excellent value for money. You also need to be confident in leading and recruiting a team, as well as using a variety of marketing and networking activities to find new clients.

Have the right attitude and ambition

In our experience, the most successful CX Directors as those who are driven, energetic and dedicated. They are always ready to put in the hard work necessary, and are willing to step out of their comfort zone to continually grow and challenge themselves and their clients. They are also natural storytellers who have the confidence and strong emotional intelligence to motivate others and light up a room.

If this sound like you, then you have exactly what it takes to be a highly successful CX Director and we would be very interested in talking to you.