What We Do

insight6 is a group of Customer Experience (CX) specialists dedicated to helping businesses transform their offerings and services for the better. We work with a very wide range of customers to improve their customer experience at every level which, in turn, leads to better customer retention, increased sales, and higher profitability.

Most importantly, our work is designed to improve the perception of the business in customers minds so that they are more likely to tell other prospective customers just how great the brand is.

How we do it

By building a relationship with our clients which is based on partnership and trust, we guide them on a journey of transformation with the goal of ensuring their brand becomes the best it can be. By using our tried and tested six step system, we can identify key areas for development as well as inspire our clients to fulfil their true potential as a business.

We then develop further offerings for our clients so that we can create a bespoke, end to end service which is designed to inform and improve their business.

Our six core services are:

Mystery Shopping

Online Surveys – instant insight

CX Training & Development

Focus & Listening Groups

Mentoring & Coaching

Customer Journey Mapping

Why clients choose us

Put simply, we are the only CX specialist company which offers anywhere near this depth of analysis and experience for our clients.

With more than 615 years of collective business development and CX experience between us, our expertise is unsurpassed in the industry. Perhaps most importantly, all of our CX Directors are local, which means they understand the needs of SMEs as much as they do large corporate entities, and are a integral part of the local business community. Our clients know their CX Director is on hand whenever they need them, and can form a valuable, long-term, local partnership.

Our track record is second to none, and our six step process has taken more than 600 businesses in the UK and Ireland on a supported journey to sustainable business success. To date, we have conducted more than 300,000 Customer Experience Reviews and Customer Surveys, and delivered 1000s of hours of transformative training.

Could you be the new, go-to CX expert for your local area?