As one of our partners, you will have exclusive access to your own dedicated territory. However, existing and potential business varies greatly across different areas, so each individual territory is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

However, all territories are carefully calculated to ensure that you not only have plenty of potential customers, but also substantial room for growth for many years to come. We will make sure we carry out a proper assessment of your chosen territory and its local market before agreeing on its size and boundaries with you. We want to make sure that you have the best possible chance of success.

Get in touch if you want to discuss in more detail the potential for a franchise in your local territory.

Resale Opportunities

Most of our CX Directors enjoy long and rewarding careers with the insight6 franchise, but this does also mean that some eventually reach retirement age or decide to move on. As a result, we regularly have resale opportunities becoming available.

These are more expensive than starting a new territory as you will be purchasing a well-established business and its existing customer base, but there are obvious advantages to giving yourself this spring board to success.

Contact us if you want to stay informed about resale opportunities around the UK.