Why Choose Us

insight6 is the first and ONLY customer experience franchise available in the world.

Not only that, but insight6 is the only business of its kind which has elevate the traditional “mystery shopper” model to this kind of high-end, professional level with its comprehensive, end-to-end, one-stop shop CX service. Our core values and 6 step process are unmatched anywhere else in the industry.

Streamlined systems

We have invested heavily into our systems to ensure the business is robust, and we continually streamline all of our core processes to ensure our CX Directors are not bogged down by clunky administration. Instead, they can spend more time on what is most important: growing and developing their business.

Marketing Strategy

As CX experts, we are also extremely adept at creating an engaging online experience for our clients which gets results. As our partner, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive marketing strategy with great content designed to generate leads. You’ll also have your own profile on our website and be guided through effective use of social media channels.

A fully collaborative network

You’ll be an integral part of a large network of like-minded CX specialists and business owners with hundreds of years of collective experience. You’ll be able to share ideas and best practice, and benefit from each other’s areas of expertise, as well as seek out advice and guidance any time you need it.

Why choose franchising?

No doubt you will have come across the concept of franchising before during your career, but it is well worth re-iterating just how effective it can be for you as a business model. With the insight6 franchise, you will benefit from:


An established brand which can attract clients from day one


Training and support from the very best in the industry


A tried and tested business model which has already been proven to succeed


A unbeatable head-start with effective systems and procedures already in place


The best of both worlds, being in business for yourself, but never by yourself

Access to unparalleled industry insight and expertise